Best Hints on ECQ writing

If you’re applying for a federal position, you should know the important of ECQ writing or the Executive Core Qualifications. Today’s post will help with tips you need for impressive federal resume writing. There are certain things you need to remember to make an effective federal resume that can capture the attention of the potential employer.

Tips for Federal Resume Writing


  1. Federal resume writers say that you need to follow a strict format of using a 12-point font, one inch margins on each side, and a 10-page narrative ECQ.
  2. In ECQ writing, you should give a limit to your summaries because they will count in the pages.
  3. You should follow the CCAR or the Challenge Context Action Results.
  4. Do not abuse acronyms and use to many of them. You should spell out those acronyms so that you can deliver your message across.
  5. You should point out all your accomplishments and experiences in a very clear and organized way.
  6. In ECQ writing, you should take note of using layman’s language. This will help your readers understand the message you’re trying to get across.
  7. Don’t use the same examples of ECQ for over two ECQ.
  8. Don’t use vague statements, so be as specific as much as possible. You should be able to write in the clearest language as much as possible so that you can make effective federal resume writing.
  9. You should highlight achievements with proof. You have to show measurable results so that you can make a more convincing narration.
  10. Write in the first person perspective.
  11. You should check for any typos or grammar and spelling errors.
  12. Get help from professional federal resume writers so that you can be sure of better results especially in writing or editing your paper.
  13. Do not overplay your writing with a lot of bold and underline.
  14. You should make sure that you’re not confusing readers and that they can understand your ECQ easily.

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