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What is KSA Writing?

KSA writing stands for knowledge, skill and ability. Those three aspects are what you must possess when you apply to particular government jobs and they must be loud and clear on your KSA resume. Writing KSA resumes is not a difficult task, as long as you keep in mind what KSA writing is and how you can best put forward why those three things apply to you based on your experience through work or any other type of service. Our KSA writing services can help you encapsulate how the three aspects of KSA apply to your life after a brief consultation and some time working together to perfect your resume. Writing a KSA resume can be an eye-opening experience for anyone, especially a younger person who has never quite put together everything they’ve learned into one solid package like a KSA resume.

Writing a KSA Resume


So what is involved with KSA writing? First, a resume KSA style needs to break down all three aspects to show – in the form of what one would consider a “normal” resume, not a KSA resume per se – what knowledge they have gained (education), what skills they have acquired (through education or experience) and what abilities they possess (through the combination of their knowledge and skill). KSA writing needs to crystallize these things and put them into their own heading but not as KSA writing. Instead, writing KSA resumes puts them under the heading of education, work experience and skills.

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Writing KSA Successfully

Writing KSA successfully entails a bit of hard work but with our KSA writing service it’s a breeze. KSA resume needs to cover a lot of bases but still be concise and eminently readable, and we seek to make it a smooth experience, especially for the applicant who has never partaken of KSA writing before. With your resume, KSA writing should be clear and easy to understand but not too obvious, preferably.