Do and Don’ts of the KSA writing

ksa dos and dontsIt is important to learn what details are needed for effective ksa creation. Articles on this topic showcase the KSA do’s and don’ts to help you create tools that are thorough and descriptive. Not all articles will demonstrate every step in the process of this type of writing. Professionals in this industry have a proficiency in writing and document development. They are also experts in customer service.

KSA Do’s and Don’ts Guideline


KSA writing do’s and don’ts should be used as a guideline when you design your own document. These are details that can help you to connect your professional experience with a particular position’s description. The don’ts in this are things that you should avoid. These are sometimes things that take away from your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Other things to avoid are those that may prevent you from even getting an interview. Federal positions are available in virtually every agency. Hiring officials and interviewers have a limited amount of time when it comes to applicants’ information. They are looking for individuals who are qualified and showcase KSA’s and resumes that are concise and professionally written. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind for your document:

5 – Do’s in Preparation

  1. Study Position Description
  2. Use Effective Wording
  3. Detail Work Experience
  4. Edit Writing Material
  5. Select Proper Format

5 – Don’ts in Preparation

  1. Create Wordy Paragraphs
  2. Use Non-Active Adjectives
  3. Use Non-Professional Language
  4. Focus on Unrelated Experience
  5. Forget Educational Background

It is impossible to develop a KSA document and secure that no mistake will occur. Those who write their own ksa’s are more likely to see these mistakes. Professional writers in this field provide proper proofreading, grammatical checks and wording style. These writing services ensure that you are delivering quality writing to potential employers.

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