Effective Federal Resume Tips

Federal Resume Writing Tips from Federal Resume WritersIndividuals who are looking for some effective federal resume tips might want consider the format that they’re using to write the paper. There are some words that shouldn’t be used in a federal style resume. Large blocks of text are also a good way to quickly turn off the people who end up reading the resume.

Federal Resume Tips for Formatting


Many people create a large block of text when they’re writing a federal resume. This is difficult to read, and there are a few easy ways to split it up. Keywords and nouns can help to break up a federal style resume so that it’s easier to read. People won’t want to have to work hard to read text, so an easy to read resume will be a major asset to those applying for a federal job. Some writers might want to use titles set off with colons to show where paragraphs begin and end. This will make the text more readable. Think about reading a long email or forum posting. When someone takes a look at a wall of text, they often don’t care to read it all the way through. They’ll instead start to skim.

Vocabulary Related Federal Resume Tips

When writing a federal resume, there are some words that simply shouldn’t be used. Words like prepare and perform are entirely overuses in the writing world, and some federal resume tips tell writers not to use these. People who say that they were responsible for something makes it sound like they didn’t actually do work. While these phrases might be okay when writing private sector resumes, federal resume tips sheets will often tell people not to use them.

Other federal resume tips will mention that federal resume writers should write with the active voice. Debates continue to rage among writers whether the active or passive voice is better to use when dealing with different types of writing. However, the passive voice is no good for writing a federal sector resume. It suggests that the writer never did any real work at their previous position. That’s why these phrases don’t really work when writing a federal resume.