Executive Core Qualifications ECQs

Executive core qualifications are important in building federal corporate culture in driving results, building successful coalitions and serves customers. Take note that ECQs qualifications are required in order to enter executive service. In addition, it is being used by lots of agencies and departments for performance management, leadership development and selection for executive and management positions.

Executive core qualifications ECQS


Senior executive service qualifications​describe leadership skills that are needed in order to succeed in SES. It is important in order to have a commitment to administration and public policy. Here is the guide to senior executive service qualifications!

  • Leading change: This core qualification is important in order to bring out the ability to strategic change both outside and inside the organization in meeting the goals of the organization. With this qualification, it is about the ability in establishing an organizational vision.
  • Leading people: It involves the ability in leading people through meeting the vision, goals and mission of the organization. This core qualification is necessary in providing inclusive workplace for the development of facilitates cooperation and support constructive resolution of conflicts.
  • Result driven: This core qualification is all about meeting the customer expectations and goals of the organization. With it, it is about the ability of making decisions in producing high quality results with the application of analyzing problems, calculating risks and technical knowledge.
  • Business acumen: It requires about the ability in managing financial, information and human resources strategically.
  • Building coalitions: It is about building coalitions internally and to other local governments, federal agencies, foreign governments, private sector organizations, non-profit organizations and international organization in achieving common goals.

These are important qualifications for executive core and if you want to become part of it, be sure not to forget about it. You need to do your best in order and make sure you have those qualifications.

Regardless, when it comes to a well-written qualification federal resume, you only need to include volunteer experience, professional experience, achievements, skills, education and training. Lastly, believe in yourself that you can be able to have all those qualifications. Get started today and show what you have!