Federal Jobs: Main Facts and Stats

According to the reports of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average annual compensation, including pay and benefits, of federal job workers is $106, 871, as compared to only about $53,288 for those working in the private sector. If you want to work in the government, you may check out this federal job statistics for your guidance.

federal jobs facts
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Key Federal Jobs Terms That Are Worth Taking Note Of

  • GS: The predominant pay scale within the US civil service
  • SES: A senior executive federal resume that is mandated for members of the government
  • OF-612: The written documents are based on the requirements of the US government
  • Ferm C: A bubble sheet on which the applicants mark answers to the questionnaires of the employment
  • OPF: A file that contains the documents and the records related to the civilian under title
  • PTQ: A document that is written for a specific posting for a federal job; it lists technical and professional qualifications
  • SON: A number that was assigned by OPM to identify a Separation-US

Typical Education Required & Starting Salary (*based on selected GS Level)

  • GS-1: No high school diploma needed; salary,$17,981
  • GS-3: Requires a high school diploma; salary, $22.058
  • GS-4: Requires an associate degree; salary, $24,763
  • GS-5: Requires a bachelor’s degree; salary, $27,705

Federal Employment by Occupational Category

  • Administrative: 724,633 # of employment and a median salary of $85,343
  • Professional: 469, 456 # of employment and a median salary of $94,583
  • Technical: 306,983 # of employment and a median salary of $47,254
  • Blue collar: 172,967 # of employment and a median salary of $52,624
  • Clerical: 86,138 # of employment and a median salary of $37,724
  • For the unspecified and white-collar jobs: 71,546 in employment number and $55,844 median salary

Other important terms to remember:

  • Administrative: accountants, human resources specialists
  • Professional: lawyers, registered nurses
  • Technical: mechanical engineers, chemists
  • Blue collar: painters, janitors
  • Clerical: secretaries, information clerks

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