Our Federal Resume Writing Services

Our federal resumes writing services have stood the test of time and have come out to emerge the best. We offer top class services and our clients keep on coming because they know the quality offered by our professional resume writers. They are trained and qualify to do resumes for our clients. The minimum requirement for one to work at our agency is a master’s degree. This is to enable them provide services with a professional touch.

Federal resume writing services


At our federal resume writing services we will advice you on the content of your resume; a federal resume should have job announcement number, job title and job grade for which one is applying for; it should also comprise of your full name, address and contact telephone number and email; the last four digits of your social security number should be indicated; your country of citizenship; list all your veteran preferences (make sure you attach or upload supporting documents); for education, make sure you include the college name, city, state, zip code, majors, types and year of degree held or number of semester hours completed, and high school name, city, state, zip code, and date of you diploma or GED. Keep in mind that you military training may qualify you so put it there. Your VMET (verification of military education and training) document (DD Form 2586). All this will be explained to you in details.

 Federal government resume

When writing a federal government resume, make sure you indicate the contact of your supervisor if he is reachable. Job related courses should also be indicate; job knowledge and skills should not be left out – showing how your skills fit the company’s requirements; rate the skills accordingly as in self management skills (dependable, resourceful at place of work) to be separated from functional skills (operate equipments, supervise, analyze) and technical skills( computer programming, accounting).  All this should be listed to give you an upper hand in getting the chance to get to that job. The hiring manager will be delighted to see a resume that is well arranged and touching on each and every corner of your qualifications, skills and experience. Learn more from us by visiting our website.