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If you want to be competitive in your government resume writing services, visit our website and learn more about how to go about writing a resume that will hold the hiring manager captive and prompt him to call you for an interview in readiness for hiring you. Our federal government resumes writing experts liaise with the federal government career transition team to see to it that you land that federal job that you are yearning for.

Government resume


We know there are various open federal government positions which include but are not limited to: homeland security, administration, human resource, IT and medical. When our professional resume writers create a government resume for you, they make sure they write it targeting a specific market and will greatly increase your chances of getting that opening. Visit our website to learn more about the vacancies available in the federal government and how to apply for them. The vacancies are spread all over the world and it is up to you to choose which country you want to work from. Our professional writers will give you advice on how to choose your specific career and which country you will have high chances of getting recruited.

Government resumes writing

We offer government resume writing services with a passion. We know the difference between a government resume and an ordinary resume and we make sure we adhere to that. The government resumes needs to be created in a particular format and contains more information than what is contained in a civilian resume. Unlike the civilian resume, the government resume requires information such as keywords required for the job that you are applying for, social security number, complete addresses of previous employer. Some of them require pure online application and we gladly offer this online application service. Knowledge skills and ability statements are necessary when doing government resume and we also offer this type of service. You require this in order for your application to be considered. Each KSA will be graded on an individual bases and it normally a quarter a page to one and one and a half page.