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Knowledge and skills and ability statement (KSA) is important in order for one’s federal application to be accepted. It is required in order to qualify you for the available position.. Depending on which job you are applying for, we will attach to you a professional writer who has passed through that type of job interview to couch you on how to go about the questions. Feel free to use our services.

KSA writing


We have a guide that will take you through KSA writing. Before you start, you will taken through the following topic of discussions; identify what KSA are; understand the rating and rankings systems; identify a poor and a good KSA; understand the KSA steps to success; identify the five approaches to KSAs and finally, write effective KSA responses. An effective KSA writing for job application is for all employees interested in career advancement. Our staff are experts in this and they will make sure you grasp the logic behind the KSA writing.

KSA resumes

KSA resumes are quite important in the application evaluation process since they are scored. Poor responses may prevent one from being considered among the best qualified group even though your federal resume was super. Your score for experience is based solely on your responses to the KSAs and not the information included in your resume. Always pay attention to your resume. The federal resume is the information that tell the position selection decision make if you are qualified for the job and the KSAs describe your skills using concrete examples so that the hiring manager can determine if you are competent to perform the job.

KSA writing services

KSA writing services provided by our agencies makes sure that you understand what it is at stake during the KSA question and answer time. Your knowledge, skills and ability are tested. Knowledge is an organized body of information, usually factual or procedural in nature; skills is the proficient manual, verbal or mental manipulation of data, people or things; ability is the power to perform an activity at the present time. Our professional writers are read to take you through the training.