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ECQ, also known as Executive Core Qualifications is another narrative statement that accompanies federal resumes. The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) developed five fundamental executive qualifications for you to demonstrate your suitability for the job you are applying for.

  1. Leading Change: The ability to bring about strategic change, both inside and outside of the organization to meet organizational goals. The competencies they are looking for are creativity, innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, strategic thinking and vision.
  2. Leading People: The ability to lead people to meet the organization’s vision, mission and goals. The competencies they are looking for are conflict management, leveraging diversity, developing others and team building.
  3. Results Driven: Ability to the meet the organization’s goals, and customer expectations. The competencies they are looking for are accountability, customer service, decisiveness, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving.
  4. Business Acumen: Ability to manage human, financial and information resources strategically. The competencies they are looking for are financial management, human capital management, and technology management.
  5. Building Coalitions: Ability to build coalitions internally and externally with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, non-profit and private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve common goals. The competencies they are looking for are partnering, political savvy, influencing and negotiating

Professional ECQ Writing with Federal Resume Writers

Best ECQ Writing Service from Federal Resume WritersEach of ECQ narrative statement from the five major groups included with your federal resume should be no longer than two pages. The ECQ narrative statements are required for entry into the Senior Executive Services and are used by many departments and agencies in selection, performance management and leadership development for management and executive positions.

The ECQ questions must be written so that your competence in each area and your ability to use these skills is clear and leaves no doubt as to your qualifications. Each ECQ narrative statement should provide specific examples from your work history that demonstrate your qualifications in the area.

Your ECQ narrative statements are very critical, and must be certified and approved by the Board. Should your ECQ package be rejected by the Qualifications Review Board, you will get one more opportunity to convince them that you are the correct choice for the SES position. If your ECQ narrative statements get rejected a second time, you have to wait an entire year before you can apply again. And not only that, writing your ECQ statements take a commitment of 80 hours or more, and should be written using the CCAR Writing Model.

 ECQ CCAR Writing Model 

  1. Challenge: Describe a specific problem or goal.
  2. Context: Talk about the individuals and groups with, and/or the environment in which you worked, to tackle the challenge described.
  3. Action: Describe the specific actions you took to address the challenge described.
  4. Result: Give specific examples of the results of your actions in addressing the challenge described. These accomplishments demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your leadership skills.

In an already over-scheduled day, how many executives can find the 80 hours to commit to writing ECQ narrative statements that could be rejected by the Qualifications Review Board? Let Federal Resume Writers write your ECQ narrative statements for you. From your work experience, we provide two good examples of your leadership skills for each of the five ECQ addressed and we provide different examples for each of them. Our federal resume writers give specific information relating to your executive leadership experience.

We know all the written and unwritten rules for responding to federal jobs, and always adhere to all required guidelines, specifically addressing items in the job announcement.

We also ensure that your ECQs do not exceed 10 pages of a standard font size and type.

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