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The reliable and on time KSA writing service is here today for some important tips in writing your KSA applications. As you know, the competition to apply for a government position is tough as there are tons of other applicants looking to bag the same position you are applying for. Put your best foot forward if you want to make the big difference. So, how do you write your KSA? Check out these tips:

The Cool Ways of KSA Writing


For many years, writing KSA is one of the ways on how to government, agencies and even some private corporations hire their people. It is a largely used way to screen applicants based from their knowledge, skills and abilities.

  1. Choose the best formatting. You will have to consider the formatting of your paper and that you have to squeeze in the most important details in only about two pages, if possible.
  2. Use the traditional format. You will not have to include everything in KSA writing but only the most prominent detail of your work experience as well as education. For your work experience, you can writer in the reverse chronological order.
  3. Avoid using the funny stuff such as italics, graphs, colored fonts and others. KSA writing is formal and it’s not the time to experiment on the format of your paper.
  4. You can use asterisks and dashes when making a list.
  5. You can use the left justification of your paper.
  6. Use Arial or other san serif fonts.
  7. Have your paper in uniform such as the spacing and formatting.
  8. Read and read.
  9. Illustrate examples. Be as detailed as possible especially when it comes to your job experience. Highlight specific examples. Evaluate the content of your resume.
  10. Use some figures, if possible, when writing your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  11. Don’t forget your mailing address, SS number, job number, job title, work, awards and other pertinent information that you think will help you impress the reader.

The Professional KSA Writing Service

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