SES Resume Examples: What’s Special?

Use SES Resume Examples as a Guide for Writing Your Own Resume

Writing the SES resume is probably the most difficult resume writing task there is. There are around 75 government agencies that have SES positions and each agency has their own specific resume requirements. There is a push on for agencies to use the 5 page SES resume format that will include examples of how the applicant has displayed the five Executive Core Qualifications within the resume. However many agencies still use the Federal Employment Resume with separate statements for the 5 ECQ’s. A Federal Employment Resume differs from civilian resumes in several ways including:

  • It has a specific format specified by the federal government
  • It needs to include keywords required for the job
  • Contains information not usually found on other resumes including Social Security Number, supervisor names and phone numbers and more detailed employment and education history.

SES resumes may vary from agency to agency so check that the SES resume examples you use as a guide have the same requirements as the agency you are applying to.

SES Resume Example

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The Five Page SES Resume

Use of the five page Senior Executive Service resume is being encouraged as it is felt that it simplifies the SES application. Although it may simplify the process it is far from easy to write the SES resume. Aside from employment and education history it must include examples of how the applicant has displayed the five Executive Core Qualifications. The five ECQ’s are:

  1. Leading Change
  2. Leading People
  3. Results Driven
  4. Business Acumen
  5. Building Coalitions/Communications

The resume should also cover the 28 leadership competencies that are related to the Executive Core Qualifications. This can be a big challenge as the same information using the older method would use 20 pages or more at times. Five page SES resume examples may differ widely depending on how applicants have chosen to compress the information and on which competencies they consider the most important for the position.

SES resume sample

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Tips for Writing the SES Resume

Use the following tips and suggestions when writing your SES resume:

  1. Cover as many of the core competencies as possible. It may not be possible to include all.
  2. Always check the specific agency for its requirements
  3. Quantify accomplishment and experience
  4. Spell out acronyms
  5. Provide specific examples and avoid vague statements
  6. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors

Some applicants using the five page SES resume prefer ignore length initially and after including everything edit and revise down to the required five pages. Considering how difficult it is to write the SES resume you may want to consider a professional SES resume writing service.