SES Resume Writing

If you are thinking to get into the federal government, then you may want to learn a few tips on how to write the SES resume.  Know that writing this federal resume is much different from writing a civilian job resume, so you should come up with a powerful and attention-grabbing resume to show you are the perfect candidate for the job.

How to Write SES Resumes


  1. Avoid listing down all the jobs you have previously handled.  If you have had several jobs, do not think of including all of them in your resume, but choose only a few which you think work best for your current application.  Review all the positions you have previously had and then pick only significant and related ones to include.
  2. Remember your resume is not your biography, so do not treat it as one by writing blocks of paragraph that only makes your resume tiring for the eyes to read and weak for your resume to stand out.
  3. Keep your work background precise and short, so you should make use of strong sentences and statements. At most, you should have about five to seven paragraphs at five to 10 lines only each.
  4. They say that you should not go too far in your life and work history but list down only the most current ones, including those within the 10-year period.
  5. If you have worked for temporary government jobs, you can list them down, too. Write down the contracting firm as well as highlight some of your achievements in that job.
  6. Do not include irrelevant jobs that have nothing to do with your application. Your SES resume writing should target the specific job posting and requirements, so do not fail to show that you are a deserving candidate by being able to show what you can do and what makes you a good asset for the organization by highlighting your achievements and accomplishments in your previous jobs. However, avoid listing down all types of jobs you have handled just to show you have worked on so many of them if those have nothing to do with the description.

There you have some pointers to remember when working on USA jobs federal resume writing. If you need help, do not think twice in contacting the pros who have the experience and skills to bring out your best assets to increase your job chances.