Top 10 Federal Resume Tips

If you are looking to enter the federal government to become a public servant, a tough competition is what you will face since many of these federal positions will require various rules and techniques. You should adhere to these criteria and qualification rules to become a top applicant and to be considered into the position. So, would you want to learn about federal resume tips?

Federal Resume Help Tips for Success


  1. Include the job posting details such as the grade and title of the job to apply, letting the screening committee see you have read the qualification and requirements for the job.
  2. Do not leave out important details about you, including your full name, complete address, social security number, civilian grade and reinstatement eligibility.
  3. You should list down your educational background in a chronological order beginning in secondary school to college. Highlight any of the awards you have received.
  4. Make a list of your knowledge, skills and abilities to give them a preview of what you can do.
  5. You should also list down all the major subjects as well as the credits you have earned, but do not use a bulleted listing- something isn’t effective for federal positions.
  6. Explain your achievements and things in details. Be sure to give emphasis to your education since this is more important for federal jobs as compared to civilian positions.
  7. Do not worry if your education does not qualify the criteria, but be sure that your experience can suffice. What previous and relevant jobs have you had in the past?
  8. When listing down previous employers, do not forget to write down their contact numbers as well as the length of time you worked there.
  9. Do not use the KSA as a verbatim but write it in your style. Find some good samples online.
  10. Type your name in the knowledge, skills and abilities, but do not forget to sign it.

Need Federal Resume Help?

If you think you cannot follow these tips in totality, seek the help of certified writers for federal jobs online. Seasoned federal resume writers have been around for years, so they definitely know what to do to bring out the best in you. Learn more federal resume tips today!