Useful Tips On Writing KSA Statements

When applying for a federal job position you will inevitably be asked to write a KSA statement in addition to your federal resume. If you have never heard of such a document or have troubles creating it, our federal resume writers will help you. KSA, or Knowledge, Skills and Abilities is an additional statement which you submit along with your federal resume. It helps the admission officials to establish whether your qualifications enable you to occupy a certain federal position. Here are some useful tips from our federal resume writers on how to write a winning KSA statement for your federal position.

Federal Resume Writers Help With KSA Statement Writing


First and foremost, our writers from want to help you differentiate what should be mentioned in your KSA statement. We would like to remind you that Knowledge section refers to any theoretical knowledge you acquired in a specific area. Mentioning your diploma and specialty is not enough; in your KSA statement you should give a detailed description of the specific areas of knowledge you are adept at.

Going further, Skills, as you know, refer to an ability to put what you have learned into practice; thus, all practical skills, relevant to your desired governmental job position should be mentioned in your KSA statement. Finally, the Abilities section should contain information about duties and responsibilities you are capable of performing. This may be, for instance: team management, problem solving, etc.

Our federal resume writers want to encourage you writing a KSA statement when applying for a federal job position, for it can help you a lot in landing the position you want. It tells the potential employer much more about you capacities than a federal resume alone does.

Professional Assistance With KSA Statement Writing

Should you have any problems with your KSA statement writing, don’t hesitate turning to our federal resume writers who will eagerly help. Each federal resume writer from our service is a seasoned professional who knows how to present you Knowledge, Skills and Abilities in the way which will make you appear the most suitable candidate for any federal position.