Writing IT Jobs KSA

IT job KSAs can be very demanding. The IT sector is famous for its ever-increasing demands and ever-diversifying range of skill set requirements. Even if you’re a very experienced IT person, be on the lookout for skills requirements and skills “subsets”, which may range from everything from code writing for specific software to additional management and supervisory skills.

IT job KSAs overview


IT job KSAs as well as Ministry of health KSA are a range of case-specific skills descriptions, backed up by examples indicating your level of experience in each instance. Take the time to study the skills requirements in context with the position description and your knowledge of the role.

Important – Don’t be put off by the apparent requirement for a lot of information. After all, you’re in information technology. IT KSAs can be very good for those with sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience. They can be good opportunities to showcase your skills, so take advantage of the chance to give effective descriptions of your work and achievements.

Checking the KSA requirements

One of the more common, and totally avoidable, mistakes people make when doing KSAs is to simply not check the requirements. An application which only has half of the KSAs can’t possibly succeed. Take the time to go through the essential skills systematically, identifying KSA requirements.

Clarity matters when you write KSAs for IT jobs

The major hurdle, in fact, is making sure you do yourself justice when describing your skills. Even experts often make hard work out of basic descriptions.  All you need to do is provide examples of relevant KSAs, clearly expressed.

The quality of expression is important for KSAs writing. Non-experts may not understand highly technical information or the context of your work as it relates to the essential skills requirements.

Spell it out:

  • Use simple descriptions of working with particular systems
  • Explain the context of the work.
  • Use a basic narrative – Situation, issues, actions, results.
  • Build in your skills into your KSAs, like “I used analytical software to define inefficiencies in the database”, including name of software, etc., if relevant.

As you can see, this really isn’t difficult. All you need is one paragraph. Just make sure you get it all right. As an IT professional, you know what the job involves. Prove it to the employer with your KSAs.

Information quality – The most important part of KSAs

Some IT experts have such high levels of knowledge, skills, and experience they simply forget to include core information. They’re horrified later to learn that they didn’t refer to their strongest skills.

When writing your KSAs, you can insure yourself against this problem:

  • Write your basic draft first.
  • Now, check it against the job requirements, and evaluate your KSAs.
  • Have you given the best description you can?
  • Can you do better?
  • Have you left anything out? You will. Check everything.

As an IT person, you know well and better than most people how critically important quality of information is. Use that knowledge to refine your KSAs.

Now review your revised draft – A lot better? When you’re happy that you’ve done yourself justice with your IT KSAs, you’re ready to submit your application.