Writing KSA Air

Air Force KSAs can include a huge range of skills and knowledge, including technical, specialist, air traffic control, maintenance and administrative KSAs, to name just a few. Depending on the branch of the service, the role, and the range of skills, you need to be alert to the requirement of Air KSAs.


Air Force KSAs can be pretty demanding, and sometimes include a broad range of skills in a multi-tasking environment. You also need to keep an eye on procedural requirements for doing your KSAs.

In the past, KSAs were filed as separate documents, but now the Department of Defense is moving to including the KSAs in the resume.  The new formatting requirements aren’t really much of an issue for writing your KSAs. The information requirements are the same; it’s just a different way of providing the information.

Air Force KSAs overview

The good news is that writing your KSAs is actually quite straightforward. If you haven’t done an application before, take the time to study the guidelines provided with your job information. The descriptions of essential skills are the core issues for your KSAs.

How KSAs are assessed

The military uses a very straightforward, very effective method of assessment of KSAS. It’s called context, challenge, actions, and results or CCAR. This just means describing a situation, explaining the challenges, describing what you did and your achievements. It’s very simple, and very useful as a basic method of KSAs writing.

Remember- You need to demonstrate your KSAs clearly and systematically, focusing on positives. The CCAR method is a good blueprint for your responses.

How to Write Air Force KSAs basic process

KSAs for the Air Force need to show strong values. Choose your strongest skill sets to showcase your KSAs. What information you can provide which does you justice and delivers good KSA standards?

Whatever the role, check the essential skills. Also check related skills, which may add additional useful information to your KSAs. Systematically draft your KSAs in the CCAR form. You need about one paragraph for each KSA.

OK, now-

How good are your KSAs Air? Could you have said more? Could you add more useful information without writing an actual book? (A lot of real experts could literally write a book. Here, we’re looking at showing skills, remember? Keep your Air KSAs as well as IT jobs KSAs simple and to the point.)

Redraft, fill in any missing areas, and make sure to stick to the basic CCAR layout. You’ll notice that in addition to improving the KSAs, you’ve also added a lot of value to them. What you’ve done is create a much better presentation for your application.

Before you submit your application

Don’t leave it at that. Now do a thorough assessment of your application, including the KSAs. As you can see, you now have a complete document. This is the bit most people miss – Does your work history match your KSAs in Work Experience? Make sure that your information checks out from start to finish.

Do a complete document check, too. Typos and other nuisances need to be eradicated, for your peace of mind as much as for the purpose of looking good. When you’re happy with your quality check, you’re ready to submit.