Writing KSA Airlines

When you’re writing KSAs for airline jobs, the range of KSAs can be quite extensive. You need to carefully check all essential job requirements, and provide clearly written information about each KSA requirement.


Depending on the nature of the job, whether you’re writing your KSAs for aviation jobs or KSAs for airline administration, you’ll also need to make sure your information delivers the required standards of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Writing KSAs for airline jobs – The basics

Writing KSAs for airline jobs as well as writing KSAs for Federal jobs is really quite straightforward, but you must manage your information well. These are very competitive jobs, with a lot of applicants, so make sure you do everything right.

The absolute essentials:

Be systematic when KSAs writing for airline jobs. Address each essential requirement.

  • You need to spell out your skills for each of these criteria. “Baggage handling system experience”, for example, requires you to demonstrate specific skills. Give clear information, like “As a supervisor responsible for ABCDE Airlines passenger baggage control…” You need to say what you were doing, where you were doing it, name the employer and explain the duties involved.
  • Your readers shouldn’t have to fill in any blanks when reading your KSAs. Stick to describing your skills, and make sure you include information which clearly relates to the full range of required skills.
  • You’ll usually only need to write one paragraph for your KSAs. About 100 words should be enough. You don’t need to provide too much detail, just write so your reader will see you have the necessary skills.
  • When you’re providing information regarding qualifications, provide that information using the formal titles, references, year, and issuing institution or training organization.
  • Always cross reference your KSAs with your work history. If you’re referring to work you did for a particular employer, that employer and your work history should be on your resume.

Information quality

The easiest way to completely waste hours of your own time and put in an unsuccessful application is to simply fire off an application without checking information quality.

Even experts who really should get the jobs they go for make this basic mistake. When KSAs writing  for airline jobs, which get thousands of applicants, that’s definitely not where you want to be.

Drafting your KSAs

Write a basic draft. You won’t get this right the first time, and you’ll need to edit information or improve it for your final draft.

Read your first draft:

  • What’s missing?
  • Have you addressed all the criteria?
  • Could you present your KSAs better with more details, or less?
  • Have you left out any basic information?
  • Do your KSAs read well, and they’re easy to understand?
  • Typos? Of course, there are typos. Eradicate them.

You see why you need to draft first. The next stage is a bit easier:

  • Cross check against job criteria – You should have covered everything.
  • Make sure you’ve given the best possible examples of your KSAs.
  • Do your KSAs look good, and you’re happy with the information you’re giving?
  • Are you confident regarding the overall quality of your application?
  • Are you absolutely sure that you’ve provided everything you need to provide?

Now you can put in your application.