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Writing KSA Statements?

This stands for Knowledge, Skills and abilities that recruitment officers look at during selection stage.  This involves a description of your unique abilities and skills that are of importance as it concerns the job you are seeking. KSA statements are thus the guiding grounds on writing KSA statements. Federal employers use the KSA statements to determine whether you have provided responses to such statements and how well you have done it.


In short, the three requirements of KSA writing involve:

  • Knowledge– theoretical know-how of the specific area you are applying for
  • Skills– the abilities you posses to enable you to execute the knowledge you have
  • Abilities– the likelihood to perform the functions, duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

Any federal job application may demand that you include a KSA alongside your resume thus making it necessary to understand how to write and respond to the specific KSA statements to indicate how well one fits in any specific position.

Tips on Writing KSA Statement

writing ksa statements


Writing a good KSA may increase the chances of securing that job you are applying for irrespective of the number of applicants. Before you even get to an interview, you need to impress the federal employers by showing them that you basically understand the job and have all it takes to execute your functions in the best way possible. We, ksaservices.net guide you in the process by giving you the following basic steps that our experienced KSA writers use:

  • Read the job description carefully– you need to get the details in the job description for you to understand all the requirements before you start writing. This ensures that you provide the required information.
  • Brainstorming- you need to write all your skills and abilities related to the job on paper. Your past work experience in relation to the position you are applying is vital. Your training, education and previous jobs will help you with this
  • Analyzing- this is looking into all your skills and abilities and determining the ones that are of help in relation to the job. How the skills helped you in your previous jobs should also be captured here. Any technical or leadership qualities should be mentioned.
  • Writing- this is the final step. Write all your qualifications clearly on your KSA and indicate how the knowledge, skills and abilities you posses are related to the job you are applying for.

There is much more you can get from us if you are really in need of KSA statement writing services. Our services go beyond writing a good KSA to enabling you secure that job no matter how many applicants come on board.

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