About Executive Core Qualifications

What are Executive Core Qualifications?

There are five broad executive core qualifications that anyone applying to the senior executive service in the United States federal government must demonstrate their proficiency in, either through a demonstrated list of accomplishments or through some machinations of their resume or CV. These five executive core qualifications, ECQs, are leading change; leading people; being results driven; possessing business acumen; and building coalitions. All five must operate in concert in order to result in maximal efficiency, which is why they are considered executive qualifications in the first place. An executive core qualification is determined by the United States Office of Personnel Management, which is responsible for hiring people in the senior executive service. Often, those who possess executive core qualifications come from a business executive background and have several decades of experience in their back pockets from which to draw.

About Executive Core Qualifications, ECQs

Let’s delve a bit deeper into what exactly executive core qualifications are. The first of the five executive core qualifications, ECQs, is leading change. Leading change involves being creative, flexible and having some degree of vision, all of which are elements of executive qualifications that allow the executive to not only foresee what is to come but to take advantage of it. The second executive core qualification is leading people. This one should be self-explanatory. The third and fourth executive core qualifications are being results driven – being accountable and solving problems – and having business acumen – managing finances, people and technology. The fifth and final of the executive core qualifications, ECQs, is being able to build coalitions through partnerships.

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Displaying your Executive Qualifications

On your resume, your CV or your list of general accomplishments, you must show all five of the executive core qualifications to one degree or another. As in all business, it is also a matter of how you spin it. Executive core qualifications, ECQs, can be drawn from nearly everywhere if you know how to frame what you have done.