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No doubt you know exactly how important it is that your KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities) answers are nailed on when it comes to applying for a federal job. After all, KSAs are there to assess the qualities you have that stands you apart from the competition.

KSAs are, indeed, one of the best measures of your ability to do a job, are a fundamental part of the application process and can be included even in a senior executive service resume. If you’re going to get hired for a position, it is often because of the strength of your KSA answers. But writing KSAs are not exactly easy. Let’s take a look at the essentials.

KSA Guide – The Basics

Let’s take a brief look at each component of the KSA test with our KSA guide:

  • Knowledge – Knowledge applies to the body of information you should already possess that helps you to perform the job. You need to demonstrate that you have both factual and procedural knowledge, both of which will ensure that you are an outstanding candidate for the job.
  • Skills – Skills are you ability to use your knowledge in such a way that you get the job done with quality. But your skills are also there to measure how you competently and quickly you are able to complete a task; for example, you might be asked to demonstrate how fast you can type.
  • Ability – Your ability shows how well you can perform a task at any moment. Your assessors will be looking at how well you plan, organise and execute. They want you to show that you don’t simply have the potential to perform in the future, but that you can perform on the spot if called upon.

Writing KSA – Hints And Tips For The Test

Writing KSA portions of the test are a fundamental part of the test, and it’s important that you fully understand what you are doing before you begin. There are a number of things you need to bear in mind when filling out your answers, and below are some useful pointers:

  • Use correct formatting
  • Be concise with your answers and use no more than one page for each answer
  • Your answers must also be straight-to-the-point and contain no waffle
  • You answer must include the job title, announcement number, your name, and the KSA no.
  • Use accurate grammar and correct spelling
  • Stick to writing conventions

As well as these basics, you need to convince the assessors that you are the right person for them with your answers. For this reason, there are a few areas you need to cover when talking about who you are, your capabilities and what you have done in the past.

You need to include all relevant experience in your answer, whilst omitting experience that is totally irrelevant. You need to write about all relevant training too. This can include courses and workshops where you cultivated skills that you can apply to the job.

You need to also write about any education you have that will prove useful to the job, as well as any volunteer week and internships you have undertaken that are relevant.

Anything you write has to be written with the job in mind. It must meet the requirements of the job and, where possible, exceed them. Your KSA is not simply an extended version of your CV – it is much more than that.

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