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Preparing to write a KSA to help with your federal job application? Not sure why you need to go to all the trouble of writing a KSA that will help you stand out? KSAs are hugely important. Here’s why:

KSA Position: What Is a KSA?

As well as filling out your application form and posting off your resume, you need to fill out a KSA. A KSA is used to measure you knowledge, skills and abilities with reference to the job you are applying for.

A KSA is a series of 3-5 written statements that highlight your key assets and experiences.

The answers you give need to always relate back to the position you are applying for.

KSA Position: Be Concise

Like every personal statement and SES resume, KSAs have to be concise and straight to-the-point.

Hiring managers don’t want to read pages and pages of waffle; instead, they want answers that are no longer than a page and a half, and which contain only relevant information. If possible, each of your KSA answers should aim to be less than a page in length.

Hiring managers prefer shortened, concise answers because not only do they not have the time to read rambling, aimless paragraphs that tell them nothing, but they are also able to detect when you are presenting them with BS.

What they are looking for is coherence, and it is coherency and relevant key skills that help KSAs to stand out from the competition.

KSA Position: Okay Great. But Why Are They So Important?

What hiring managers are really looking for is your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. A resume can’t really do this, which means that the onus falls on your KSA.

Federal jobs rely on good communication skills, and the KSA is your chance to demonstrate that you’ve got what it takes to thrive in the job. Moreover, your KSA is also the chance to showcase your organisational skills, as well as your analytical ability.

A lot rests on the quality of your KSA, because weak answers could mean that your application is thrown out. Your resume is important, but your KSA is equally as important.

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