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Services Our KSA Writers Provide

ksa writersApplying for a federal job will usually require writing one or more KSAs. KSA stands for knowledge skills and abilities, and refers to specific requirements that a job calls for as well as the statements that applicants must writethat demonstrate they have the knowledge, skills and abilities in a specific area related to that job.Our KSA writing service specializes in writing and editing KSA statements as well as other documents required for federal job application. Our KSA writers services are always reliable:

  • Federal Resume writing and editing
  • KSA and ECQs writing
  • Federal Cover Letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile development for federal job applicants

Federal Resumes Writing and Editing

federal resume writingFederal resume writing is not the same as writing a resume for other jobs. They are generally much longer and more detailed than the resume you would submit for non-Government jobs. It is usually best to write a resume specifically for the position being applied for. Our KSA writers services are well versed in all aspects of government resume writing/editing for federal jobs at every level. Resumes are often supplemented with either KSAs or ECQs and should work in tandem with KSAs to effectively demonstrate your qualifications for a position. We know what should be included in a federal resume as well as the most effective way to present your information.

KSA and ECQ Writing Services

government resumeThe ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications) are the five executive core qualifications that describe the leadership skills needed to succeed in the SES (Senior Executive Service) and are used to assess executive experience and potential. Basically they are KSAs for executive level federal positions. Our KSA writers have proven successful experience writing KSAs and ECQs that get results. KSA and ECQ writing must demonstrate that you have the required skills, knowledge and ability for the job you are applying for. With their experience and knowledge of the federal job application process, our writers can write custom KSAs/ECQs specifically for your need targeting the job you are applying for.

Federal Cover Letter Writing

federal cover letterA federal cover letter may be a required part of a federal job application package or it may not. Even though a cover letter may not be required, you should include one in your application package unless it is prohibited in the application instructions. The federal cover letter our KSA writer services provides for you will work in conjunction with your resume and ECQs/KSAs to portray you in the most effective manner and highlight your qualifications for the position.

LinkedIn Profile Development

ecq writingA LinkedIn profile is pretty much a necessity when seeking employment these days. Around 85 percent of employers turn to LinkedIn when they have vacancies to fill, and in order to find the best people, many federal government offices have followed suit. As with other application documents, how you present your LinkedIn profile information can be critical to your applications success. Our writers know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get the most benefit from it.

Complete Services for Federal Job Application

ecq writingWe can provide any of our services individually or as part of a complete application package. All of our writers are well versed in every part of the federal job application and know how towrite each document so that they work together and enhance each other. Other advantages of using our service include:

  • Guarantee on all work we provide that it meets all of your requirements
  • Guarantee of on time delivery
  • Fair and affordable rates that won’t break your budget
  • Live customer support 24/7

If you need help with any document required for federal job application, contact us and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our professional KSA writers!