How to Answer KSA Government Jobs: Practical Tips

Federal Government Jobs Requirements

It is often seen that when applying for a job with the Federal government, there is a section called Qualifications and Evaluations where one is evaluated on one’s knowledge, skills and abilities i.e. the KSAs. Even if one has worked hard on perfecting one’s resume, one is bound to wonder as to how to answer the particular KSAs mentioned on the job requirements page. KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. Your KSA responses are basically a narrative statement which describes one’s knowledge, skills and abilities in a job position relevant to the position one is applying for. The KSAs can be considered as a mini-interview electronically or on paper.

Example of KSA

An example of the government jobs KSA would be an advertisement for a data analyst job opening that would explain in detail the responsibilities that that particular job entails. In order to evaluate each candidate’s abilities and qualifications, the applicant is asked to submit a written statement describing in detail his/her knowledge, skills and abilities related to the job description as part of the application and hiring process.

The federal hiring committee decides which candidates to call in for an interview based on one’s KSAO sample. The decision of whether to contact an individual for an interview depends on the entire package which includes the resume, KSA narratives and any other additional information.

How to Answer KSA for Government Jobs

One needs to prepare one’s narratives concisely yet comprehensively. One needs to describe the entire range of one’s capabilities, how one acquired those particular abilities and how they were used in the past experience. When talking about the length of the narratives, there is usually a word limit mentioned in the job announcement, which one must follow at all costs. However, if no word limit is given, one must strive for a full page of narrative. In case, if one is unable to fill in the entire page with information, it is totally alright too. As it is important to fill in quality information over random rambling just to increase quantity. To answer KSA government job applications, one needs to keep in mind that there are hundreds of applicants applying for the same job position and the officials will have to read through all of their narratives as well. So, it is always better to have a well-written and compelling one page narrative for each KSA.

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One also needs to be specific and precise when writing or talking about one’s experience and skills, so you might want to ask KSA services and get professional KSA answers to help you with this. One should not ramble and divert from the main point. One needs to be organized when answering any question related to the KSA government jobs. Detail is another key. One needs to mention in detail about one’s past experiences. For example if one needs to write or talk about his experience as a marketing analyst, he/she needs to mention the type of data analyzed, the type of reports generated, what software were used in analyzing process etc. Just saying that you prepared reports would not help you in moving forward in the hiring process instead you need to say what kind of reports you prepared or generated and how they helped the business. The hiring person needs to know what exact duties you would be able to carry out.

Useful Federal Jobs Facts and Stats

According to the reports of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average annual compensation, including pay and benefits, of federal job workers is $106, 871, as compared to only about $53,288 for those working in the private sector. If you want to work in the government, you may check out this federal job statistics for your guidance.

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Key Federal Jobs Terms That Are Worth Taking Note Of

  • GS: The predominant pay scale within the US civil service
  • SES: A senior executive federal resume that is mandated for members of the government
  • OF-612: The written documents are based on the requirements of the US government
  • Ferm C: A bubble sheet on which the applicants mark answers to the questionnaires of the employment
  • OPF: A file that contains the documents and the records related to the civilian under title
  • PTQ: A document that is written for a specific posting for a federal job; it lists technical and professional qualifications
  • SON: A number that was assigned by OPM to identify a Separation-US

Typical Education Required & Starting Salary (*based on selected GS Level)

  • GS-1: No high school diploma needed; salary,$17,981
  • GS-3: Requires a high school diploma; salary, $22.058
  • GS-4: Requires an associate degree; salary, $24,763
  • GS-5: Requires a bachelor’s degree; salary, $27,705

Federal Employment by Occupational Category

  • Administrative: 724,633 # of employment and a median salary of $85,343
  • Professional: 469, 456 # of employment and a median salary of $94,583
  • Technical: 306,983 # of employment and a median salary of $47,254
  • Blue collar: 172,967 # of employment and a median salary of $52,624
  • Clerical: 86,138 # of employment and a median salary of $37,724
  • For the unspecified and white-collar jobs: 71,546 in employment number and $55,844 median salary

Other important terms to remember:

  • Administrative: accountants, human resources specialists
  • Professional: lawyers, registered nurses
  • Technical: mechanical engineers, chemists
  • Blue collar: painters, janitors
  • Clerical: secretaries, information clerks

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