Ministry of Health KSA

When making an application for a job with a Health Department, you need to pay close attention to the KSA information provided on the departmental website and job application information. Department of Health KSAs can be quite demanding, depending on the position.  Research the essential skills required, and target these skills for your KSA information.

Please note that KSAs are critical elements in application assessment.  KSAs are a chance for you to show your skills in depth, and may be included on the application or in a separate attachment.

Department of Health KSAs basics

Before writing your Department of Health KSAs as well as military KSA, pay close attention to the departmental guidelines. With government jobs, there are rules about how you may define a skill, the amount of experience in particular. For Federal jobs, for example, you need either 1 year’s work in the role or a formal qualification to qualify your skills as acceptable.

Department of Health job KSAs can cover many fields, from medical to administrative and services jobs. To identify the high value KSA requirements, first check the essential skills.

For example, this is a specific KSA issue in a Department of Health KSA:

“Skill in collecting and analyzing data using dedicated analytical software – ”

I have used a range of software packages including (specify which software you used) in data analysis for (specify employer(s)). As part of a productivity review by (name of organization) senior management, I completed a range of studies of cost analyses for the (employer’s) 2016 strategic planning initiative. (Define the scope of the studies, and the outcome of your analysis.)

Please note:

  • The KSA is written in the first person.
  • It’s a straight narrative of your skills and experience as specified by the position description.
  • The KSA is a simple story, explaining that you’ve used analytical software, have practical experience in its use, and describes the context of the use of your skills and knowledge.
  • The entire KSA fits in to one paragraph, provides details demonstrating your KSAs, and is easy to read.

Simpler Is Better

When writing Department of Health KSAs, stay on topic. Don’t add extra information outside the scope of the KSA frame of reference unless absolutely necessary. More isn’t better and might confuse the reader. Some Health Departments actually request that applicants “don’t make it challenging for the reader”, which is a good indication of the need for clarity.

It’s also better for your writing. A basic storyline, with a beginning and ending, explaining the example, is a lot easier to write and edit. It’s quite possible to write a lengthy description proving your expertise and to completely lose the reader, who’s just looking for specifics to show you can do the job.

KSA Quality Controls

While KSAs writing, stay on target for information quality. Review your answers. Have you really provided the information the employer wants? Could you have expressed something better? What about the inevitable typos? Be tough on yourself, and go for good information quality when writing your Health Department KSAs. The result will be a better application, one in which you can have confidence.